Advantages and Disadvantages of Beta Versions

The Beta version of any software is made available globally so that its errors, bugs and crashes can be reported by real time users. This is advantageous as it helps to enhance the software performance and make it failure free when the product/software is launched on a larger scale with a high performance rate.

Another advantage of the same is that it provides a fast and less costly software feedback.

Imagine a company employing so many testers as there are beta version users, and then paying them. This would sum up to a huge amount for the company.

Also, even if the company does appoint so many testers, the time duration would always be a consideration and a point of concern. Many people using the software globally would take very less time, and the varied dimensions of testing would be highly fruitful.

All the costs that the company has to bear would be that of renting a disk space on the internet and good popularity of the product.

This, in spite of as good as it may sound, can be disastrous for the software and or the company as well. Imagine a highly influential person or a rival company using the software, its malfunction can be highly criticized and this can even kill the backbone of the software.

Many users using the beta versions are not aware that it is a test version for the software, and its unstableness can frustrate them to never use the software again, and also neglect using any product of the company altogether, and also negatively popularizing the software.

As everything else, the story of Beta also has its flipsides, helpful and harmful. But its use has never seen a low phase. It is still a hit among companies mainly because its advantages out-shadow its disadvantages.

Source by Tarang Bhargava