L10N & I18N Testing

The world is shrinking with technology, and more enterprises are rolling out products across geographies to address a global customer base. However, enterprises need the confidence that their product will meet the language and functionality requirements of the local users in specific regions. They also need the right approach to scale operations optimally across geographies and deliver product in the shortest possible time-to-market. The acceptance of an application rests primarily on how its users perceive it. Critical to that success is the application’s ability to integrate seamlessly with the native language and the cultural landscape of the target market.

Testing Experts brings you Globalization Testing Services to help rapid product rollout across geographies. We have built an exhaustive QA methodology to identify specific potential issues and problems in the globalization process. We have specific local checklists for various countries to ensure exhaustive coverage during localization testing. We leverage our proven experience in successful globalization testing engagements, skilled multi-lingual QA talent pool, and globalization testing best practices to ensure quick testing for scalability of products.

Globalization testing includes localization (L10N) and internationalization (I18N) testing. The aspects of L10N and I18N testing are as below.

Our Globalization Testing Differentiators:

  • Rich experience in globalization testing supporting multi-country rollouts, giving you predictable results
  • Localization-specific test optimization checklist and best practices to ensure maximum test coverage
  • Specialized multi-lingual QA team with specific local knowledge for various countries
  • Ability to reduce testing cycle time and enable quicker time-to-market for your products

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