Top 7 Software Testing Myths

Nowadays, the user experience delivered by a software application determines its popularity and profitability. The user experience delivered by an application depends on its accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, and security across various devices and platforms. Hence, it becomes essential for enterprises to focus on the quality and user experience of […]

5 Steps in the Software Testing Process

Nowadays, in such a highly competitive industry, demand for new applications and functionality is becoming more important and with the increase in demand, quality assurance companies are improving their skills to meet deadlines. Testing is a part of the software development life cycle. A complete testing process involves the following […]

Challenges in Manual Testing

The number of organizations implementing formal software testing strategies is increasing gradually. Likewise, most companies nowadays prefer automating their testing efforts to save time and cost. But each organization must remember that it cannot automate the process completely. So the software testing strategy must focus on identifying and addressing major […]

What Tool to Use for Test Automation in 2017

According to the Gartner report Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation, by 2020 Selenium WebDriver will become a standard tool for automated functional tests. But in fact, Selenium is already considered to be a standard tool for web testing automation. So, the vendors have to implement tools like Selenium now […]

Traditional Testing Vs Agile Testing

Join me for a brief look into the worlds of Traditional vs Agile testing. Testers working on Traditional teams Traditionally testers are only involved right at the end of the SDLC/PDLC value chain. They had no inputs into the writing of the requirements. During development they didn’t have the opportunity […]

Automation Testing with Selenium Webdriver (Java)

What is Automation Testing? Automation testing or Test Automation is a process of automating the manual process to test the application/system under test. Automation testing involves use to a separate testing tool which lets you create test scripts which can be executed repeatedly and doesn’t require any manual intervention. What […]

Agile Testing Interview Questions

If you’ve received a call for an Agile testing interview, congratulations are in order. You may be nervous, but it’s certainly noticeable at this point. It’s better to prepare for the interview, and it’s always helpful to know how to go about it. Top companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and […]

Equivalence Partition & Boundary Value Analysis

To deliver bug-free software, a tester should cover maximum possible combinations of conditions. But is not possible to completely exhaust all possible conditions. It is not only time consuming but also, it is a waste of resources. For example: while testing for an e-commerce site offering a discount as following: […]