Error Guessing

What is an error? The occurrence of an incorrect result produced by a computer A software error is present when the program does not do what its end-user reasonably expects it to do. A human action that produces an incorrect result. [IEEE 610]. Testing based on error guessing Test design […]

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) defines the steps/ stages/ phases in testing of software. However, there is no fixed standard STLC in the world and it basically varies as per the following: Software Development Life Cycle Whims of the Management Nevertheless, Software Testing Life Cycle, in general, comprises of the […]

Web App Testing Terminology

An application server is a software that helps web server process web pages containing server-side scripts or tags. When such a page is requested from the server, the web server hands the page off to the application server for processing before sending the page to the browser. For more information, […]

Check List for Web Application Testing

First, let’s see web testing checklists: Functionality Testing Usability testing Interface testing Compatibility testing Performance testing Security testing 1) Functionality Testing: Test for – all the links in web pages, database connection, forms used for submitting or getting information from a user in the web pages, Cookie testing etc. Check […]

Check List for Window App Testing:

Software testing came to the scene in the application development industry very recently. But organizations have already realized the worth of testing and picked it up as one of the major steps amidst the entire process. Testing is a job that requires highly talented professionals. Apps should be tested in […]

Concurrent Testing

Computerization has become an integral part of human life in the modern world and so is the software that runs them. Human interactions with these systems software are very complex. Modern appliances and gadgets at home, cars, banks, factories, schools, airplanes, and critical life-support devices use software products to run […]

Parallel Testing

Parallel testing is a testing of multiple applications or subcomponents of one application concurrently to reduce the test time. When an organization is moving from old system to new system, legacy data is an important part. Transferring this data is a complex process. In software testing, verifying compatibility of the […]

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory software testing is a powerful and fun approach to testing. In some situations, it can be orders of magnitude more productive than scripted testing. I haven’t found a tester yet who didn’t, at least unconsciously, perform exploratory testing at one time or another. Yet few of us study this […]

Regression Testing

Regression Testing is defined as a type of software testing to confirm that a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features. Regression Testing is nothing but a full or partial selection of already executed test cases which are re-executed to ensure existing functionalities work fine. This […]


Retesting is testing of a particular bug after it has been fixed. Usually, tester raises the bug when they find it while testing the product or its component. This bug is assigned to a developer and he fixes it. Post fixing the bug is assigned to the tester for its […]