Black Box Security Testing

Black box testing is generally used when the tester has limited knowledge of the system under test or when access to source code is not available. Within the security test arena, black box testing is normally associated with activities that occur during the pre-deployment test phase (system test) or on […]

White Box Testing in Software Development

In my career so far, I have seen the testers to be the most enthusiastic community in the software industry. The reason being, that tester always has something in their scope to learn. Be it domain, processor technology, a tester can have a holistic development if they wish to. But […]

How to Choose Model for a Project

Selecting a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology is a challenging task for many organizations and software engineers. What tends to make it challenging is the fact that few organizations know what are the criteria to use in selecting a methodology to add value to the organization. Fewer still understand […]

Life Cycle and Methodologies

Introduction Software development life cycle (SDLC) is important for the software project success, the good software engineer should have enough experience and knowledge to prefer a choose one model than another based on the project context. Therefore, it may be required to choose the right SDLC model according to the […]

Testing Principals

As software development techniques have advanced during the last decades, some basic principles of testing have also been established. These principles can be seen as a basic guideline for both, Software Testing and coding. 1. Testing is context dependent The same tests should not be applied across the board because […]

Objectives of Testing

Major objectives for performing Software Testing are: to ensure that the solution meets the business and user requirements; to catch errors that can be bugs or defects; to determining user acceptability; to ensuring that a system is ready for use; to gaining confidence that it works; evaluating the capabilities of […]

Project Vs Product In Software Development

Before we delve into the differences, for better clarity, I would like to explain what are a software product and a software project. Software product: A software application that is developed by a company with its own budget. The requirements are driven by market surveys. The developed product is then […]

The Software Development Process

Software is? requirements specification documents design documents source code test suites and test plans interfaces to hardware and software operating environment internal and external documentation executable programs and their persistent data Software effort Specification Product reviews Design Scheduling Feedback Competitive information acquisition Test planning Customer surveying Usability data gathering Look […]

What is a computer bug?

In 1947 Harvard University was operating a room-sized computer called the Mark II. mechanical relays glowing vacuum tubes technicians program the computer by reconfiguring it Technicians had to change the occasional vacuum tube. A moth flew into the computer and was zapped by the high voltage when it landed on […]