Handling drop-downs in Selenium WebDriver

In this tutorial, we are going to study the handling of dropdowns in Selenium WebDriver. For practice, you can check the dummy page having a dropdown element. Select in Selenium WebDriver The ‘Select’ class in Selenium WebDriver is used for selecting and deselecting the option in a dropdown. The objects of […]

XPath Tutorial for Selenium Web Driver

In this tutorial, we are going to study the XPath locators in Selenium WebDriver. In our post on Finding WebElements in Selenium, we studied different types of locators used in Selenium WebDriver. Here, we will be studying how to create XPath locators, the different types of Xpaths and the ways of […]

CSS Locators in Selenium Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn about CSS Selector and create CSS selectors manually using different HTML attributes of the web elements. For fetching the HTML information of the web elements we will use firebug or developer tool. (For details on downloading and usage of firebug/developer tool check out tutorial […]

Implicit and Explicit Waits in Selenium

Why are waits required in Selenium? In UI automation, waits are required because certain elements get loaded on the page asynchronously, so after triggering an event a page may get loaded successfully but some of its elements may still not get loaded. This causes element not found exception while locating […]

Selenium Web Driver Commands

In this post, we will learn some of the basic selenium commands for performing operations like opening a URL, clicking on buttons, writing in a textbox, closing the browser, etc. For your practice, a dummy webpage with different types of web elements is available. Now, let’s see the basic commands of Selenium […]

Locators in Selenium WebDriver

Hello friends! continuing with our “Selenium Automation” series, in this post we will study the different types of locators available in Selenium. Before studying the different locators, let’s first see the need for locators in the automation process. A simple automation process in Selenium can be presented as- Launching browser […]

Launching Browsers in Selenium

In this post, we will study the Selenium WebDriver commands used to launch browsers in detail. We will also learn the different additional customization required for launching certain browsers like – Chrome and InternetExplorer. Understanding the browser launching command As we have studied in previous tutorials that Selenium WebDriver calls […]

Selenium Webdriver Setup

Selenium Webdriver with Java and Eclipse Setup Following steps will guide you through setting up selenium web driver on your machine- Step.1. Configuring Java on machine Download the latest version of the Java Development Kit(JDK) from here. Follow the steps mentioned to install JDK. We are installing JDK as it will […]

Selenium Introduction

Hello friends! this is our first tutorial of the “Selenium Automation” series. In this tutorial, we will study the basics of selenium, its components, features, and limitations. What is Selenium? Selenium is an open source test automation suite used for automating web based applications. It supports automation across different browsers, […]

Statistical Significance in Split Testing

Sometimes, you want to change something on your website. You want to try a better headline, or a different page layout, or a different order button. It is highly advisable to try small changes like these every once in a while, because they can improve your conversion rates and profits. […]