Commercial Driver’s License CDL Manual

Have you ever thought of being a truck or bus driver? Well now you can, with CDL the educational software for training and testing commercial drivers. CDL Manual is an interactive CD that allows you study and test yourself on Truck/Bus driving and Forklift operation. This software is perfect for beginners and experienced drivers that are just upgrading or renewing their Commercial Driver’s License.

This easy to use program guides the user through the preparation for the CDL test in an interactive game manner. It also evaluates performance and saves results for future references. The user has the option of using the study or exam mode and can select any of the 10 categories/endorsements. This educational software by AplusB also contains important information on vehicle control skills, imperative road signs, tips on pre-trip vehicle inspection and border crossing, keeping a log-book & FAQ that any user may have. This product contains graphic road exercises, links to all US and Canada Departments/Ministries of Transportation containing updated regulations. Included as well are links to current weather conditions, maps with driving directions (for these features internet connection is required).

This product is ideal for new and potential drivers, or those that just need a review. CDL helps pass the official driving test theory exam and road test. Now to help you even further with your road tests AplusB is coming out with a new product, the SIMURIDE (Car driving simulator for vehicles with manual transmission). The Simuride will help the user gain experience behind the wheel and drive with confidence. This new product will include many features such as being able to select various vehicles, weather conditions and different driving environments such as city streets with or without traffic, and country roads.

Source by Rasha A