How to Chose Automated Testing Software That is Right For You

Every seasoned internet professional understands that split testing is a necessity to improve sales page conversion rates. Most of them also know that this can be a long laborious process as well. If you want to free up more of your valuable time then automated testing software might be just what you need.

Automated testing software comes in every price range from free for very simple versions to more than a couple of thousand for the most advanced. With automated testing software, much like any other product, you get what you pay for. Free and low priced versions may only allow A/B type testing with only one or two variables while the higher end packages which fall into multivariate testing allow as many variables as you would like.

I have conducted thousands of split tests and here are some of the things that I would look for when considering automated testing software

1.) It must be invisible

I do not want my customers to know that I am split testing. The automated testing software must be capable of using cookies to ensure that should a customer decide not to buy at this time and return later, they will be presented with the same page they viewed earlier.

2.) Number of variables tested

The automated testing software that I would choose must allow unlimited testing. This type of software is usually used in multivariate testing and I need to be able to test as many variables as needed. To purchase a software package with limited tests is simply tossing money out the window.

3.) Coding

My pages tend to get a large amount of traffic so I want an automated testing software package that can handle this. Packages that use PHP and mySQL tend to be very fast and would be the ones on the top of my list.

4.) Ease of Use

If I purchase an automated testing software package it is to save time. I do not want to spend a large amount of time learning the software. A package with an easy to use and familiar windows based control panel would make the learning curve much easier to handle.

5.) Installation

While I can install scripts and have done so in the past I prefer that those who are familiar with the setup and operation of the script install it for me. A good automated testing software package should offer either free or low cost installation.

There you have it, the five things that I would look for when determining which automated testing software to purchase.

Automated testing software can save time by performing time intensive tasks giving you more time to work on other aspects of your business. While prices for this type of software can range from very inexpensive through a couple of thousand dollars you should always remember that you get what you pay for. When considering the purchase of a software package you should consider the visibility to customers, the number of variables that it can test, how it is coded, ease of use, and installation. Use automated testing software to free up your valuable time.

Source by Tim J Robinson