Importance of Test Automation for Enterprises Agility

Manual testing is performed by software quality analysts (QA) who carefully analyze it through the application screens and try out various usage and input combinations. They compare the results to the expected behavior and record their observations. But, these manual methods need to be repeated often during the software life cycle due to either a sudden source code change or due to other factors. Some of the other factors include multiple operating environments or hardware configurations that might occur from time to time. Though, the QA groups perform them properly yet, the delivered software always has defects. QA engineers always strive to catch them up before the product is released but bugs always creep in, even though the best manual processes are followed. Hence, the next solution lies in the enterprises to take up or adopt Test Automation which is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage to ensure quality deliverables.

Importance of Test Automation and Its Underlying Process

It involves the process without much manual intervention and consists of automated scripts used for repetitive events. This technique supports all aspects along with the digital quality initiatives as it combines the usage of leading edge technologies and methodologies for end-to-end testing of the software. It involves right from the validation of functional aspects to the backend & integrated systems interoperability, and performance. Thus, in its true sense it undermines the writing and maintaining code and involves the translation of each test case into automation code. It needs to be performed by various automation tools which might be open source or licensed.

Why should enterprises focus upon Automation Testing Tools?

These tools create tests that typically helps to play back pre-recorded and predefined actions. It helps compare the results to the expected behavior and report the success or failure. Once these are created, they can easily be repeated and can be extended to perform tasks impossible with the regular manual process. Thus, project managers have found that the above given method to be an essential component for successful project development. This kind of automated scripts can be implemented to speed up the process and reduce overall software development costs.

Usually, a code is written to automate business tasks but with the changes in business tasks very frequently, updating code each time places the project behind schedule. Subsequently, either the product’s go to market date gets postponed or an unreliable version is released just to stick to the predetermined project time line. Hence, code cannot be rushed into the development without sufficient knowledge and automated process can increase the depth and scope. It helps to improve and achieve superior software quality. Lengthy tests that are often avoided during manuals method can be run unattended and moreover, they can even be run on multiple computers with different configurations. In order to achieve 100% results. It is important to have a right testing tool deployed in their environment.

Implementing test automation needs an able service partner as it helps accelerate regression efforts in a very cost effective manner. There are specific frameworks that are delivered by various independent software service providers that help to enable quality products with shorter release cycles.

Source by Mia Hall