Leverage the Business Benefit With Selenium Automated Testing

Testing your project thoroughly before it is released in the market is very important to avoid all the errors and problems that a user may face. Manual tests are performed by testers while sitting before the computer and carefully executing every test step. Automated quality check is a process where software tools are used to execute the pre-scripted tests before any product is released.

Automated software testing improves the product and helps to yield higher quality. This not only saves many test execution hours, but also reduces the total costs. Selenium is a popular and widely accepted web application tool that is used to test web based apps on most of the browsers and operating systems. It is highly flexible and user friendly and the test scripts can be customized in many programming languages like C, C++, .NET, JAVA, Python and etc.

Why Selenium Tool is Most Popular?

Selenium is the best tool available in the market to test web applications. It is high in demand as the tool can be used to work with multiple OS and browsers compared to other tools. It uses JavaScript and iframes to insert the test automated engine into the particular browser. This allows testers to use the same scripts to test multiple browsers or platforms. The tests are written as HTML tables with the passing tests turning green and the failing tests turning red so that the users can easily identify the tests that pass and the ones that do not. Selenium can also be deployed on Linux, Windows and Macintosh and is used for a User Acceptance Test

Selenium allows the end users to share and write extensions or other code modifications, even the ones that are project specific. This gives ample freedom to selenium testing companies to write custom functions that do sophisticated manipulations. Using such custom functions allows tester to have more readable tests.

Some Other Important Benefits of Choosing Selenium

• Selenium is also cost effective as it can be used for free by the users.

• It generates and executes scripts automatically in various browsers and systems simultaneously

• Testers can easily install and configure the Selenium testing environment

• It offers various reusable components, automated test cases and data sets that can be chosen based on the complex implementation of a web page.

• This automated test tool increases software quality and reliability and reduces defects and time to market.

• Reduces the manual regression tests by 46% and increases the coverage of product areas.

• Reduces release cycles and time to market

• Easy device, multi platform and technology testing using in-house frameworks

• Enhanced ROI from the product due to reduced automated test development time

Thus, to conclude it can be said that using Selenium tool, companies can reduce their overall cost of testing a product and reap the benefits of automated testing within a short interval of time.

Source by Prince N