Mind Map in Software Testing

A lot of experts believe that visualization is the best method to understand, analyze, and remember any desirable or important information. Thereafter, there is such technique, called Mind Mapping, can be also used in IT.

Mind Map is the way to clear and graphically represent somebody’s conceptions and thoughts, using different symbols, words, colors, images, and lines. Performing either manual testing or automated testing, the specialist of QA area should firstly figure out the specification and essence of test process. The Mind Map may really assist in this.

Software product testing or mobile testing, being a creative and complex procedure, often requires from testers and developers unusual and specific way of thinking. Such useful technique of brain enhancement as Mind Mapping will significantly simplify the whole deal.

Why Is the Mind Mapping Technique Required in Software Testing?

  • It ensures test coverage.
  • It helps to easily present the management procedure.
  • It improves creativity thinking.
  • It is able to present all information at one location.
  • It is simple way to represent the desired data in an interesting manner.
  • It assists in distinguishing various fields in more attractive way.
  • It is an easy and low-cost operating model for representing a huge amount of data.

The beauty of this technique is that it is not monotonous and always suggests new fresh solutions for, seemingly, traditional test procedures. This model can be applied in order to increase a test team ambition, cope with the daily challenges, improve team planning and structural representations, and represent the huge scope of data in a most effective and understandable way.

How to Use Mind Mapping

  • Define the Release Data and invent the name of the future map.
  • Put together all related to the project requirements and specified information.
  • Select all names of the development team.
  • Select all names of the test team members, as well.
  • Prepare all necessary details which were received through the analyzing.
  • Collect the details and data of the test run.
  • Gather access details, such as credentials and links.

Thus, the mind map may be also represented in an interactive way and significantly help as at the very beginning of the test procedure (e.g., test planning), as at the last stages. Fortunately, today there is a great number of open sources where everyone interested may find different mind mapping tools.

The software testing company encourages such kind of techniques. So, software product testing may be diversified with the creative activity.

Source by Helen Johnson