Disadvantages of Code Review Walk-Through

The most common kind of code review is the ever common wal-through review. It can be over the shoulder review or a more formal process involving meetings, either way the walk-through review involves the author highlighting his changes and attempting to gain feedback from other members of the team. Even […]

How to Migrate From Windows to Linux

Introduction As most people do, when I started using Linux, I created separate partitions for Linux and used Lilo or Grub to boot either to either Windows or Linux, according to the different job requirements. I normally used my laptop PC during the day in a company that used Windows […]

Why Selenium and Qualitia?

When a testing team automates its testing process there are certain parameters that should be defined for calling it a success. We believe these parameters to be: Team involvement A testing team comprises subject matter experts, manual testers, and automation experts. This means all levels of experience, domain, and technical […]

Predicting Stock Market Using Cycle Analysis

Stock market cycles may help to maximize ROI. One of the market characters is that it has powerful and pretty consistent cycles. Its performance curve can be considered as a sum of the cyclical functions with different periods and amplitudes. Some cycles known by investors for long, for example, four-year […]