Offshore QA: The Perfect Extension To Your In-House Team

Outsourcing the process of QA testing results in many benefits for development companies that run on strict deadlines and tight budgets. Product and service based companies are always on the hunt to find reliable and competitive testing agencies that can lend their services. Other than the widely known benefits associated with cost and quality, partnering with an offshore quality assurance team makes it possible for the organization’s in-house team to concentrate on the core business processes.

Software and application developers have been following the Agile methodology and integrated methods for the past decade or so. By outsourcing the testing phase of the development process to an offshore QA company, the in-house developers can get honest and productive feedback for the quality and potential of the product. Outsourcing acts as a much-needed perspective from someone outside the team who can review the software from a user’s point of view. The lack of resources, be it the tools required for testing or a team of professionals to operate such tools, is precisely met by offshoring the quality assurance process to a reliable source.

The ideal software or application development calls for different teams of experts for development and testing. The main reason behind having separate teams is to have an unbiased approach toward testing the quality of the product. If the same team of developers who created the product also perform the testing, a common occurrence is that the quality of the product will be compromised. By having an offshore team do the job, the product is tested with an unbiased, objective approach and that too when the onsite team is done with their day.

Outsourcing product testing helps reduce organization’s the time to market. This is made possible with the help of additional skilled resources, such as experienced test automation engineers. Test automation helps a company launch their products on time, without compromising the quality. A well-versed team of testers provides versatility to an application development company. Their skills and expertise are pooled in to deliver a high-quality product. This gives a company the much-needed flexibility to customize their product as per the latest market trends.

There are many processes involved in testing. Although necessary, it is not possible for a development company to specialize in all of the processes. These range from:

  • Functionality testing
  • Automated testing
  • API testing
  • Manual testing
  • Performance testing, and many more.

Having a dedicated QA team as an extension to the in-house project team is a way of achieving the most effective testing techniques. One of the key reasons companies partner with an offshore QA company is to get a mature and experienced team of testers for the product development process. The expertise of the testing team, using the latest tools, and the constant mode of communication between the organization and the QA company play a major role in the quality of the process.

Source by Rick Rampton