Reasons Why You Should Opt For Selenium Automated Testing

Once your business web application or website is developed, it is time to go for a thorough testing to check whether the site works well on different devices having different screen sizes or not. This task can be time consuming if there is no access to additional tools. Once the application reaches a stable manual testing phase, every business organization plans to go for automated tests so as to save the costs that are involved in manual testing. Since this is an important factor for a project development, organizations are looking for open source automation tools instead of making investments in costly commercial tools.

A variety of open source testing tools are available for various types of testing like the functional, UAT, regression, performance and etc. These open source tools have matured a lot and so it’s time to think of the best QA automation tool that ensures that your website functions well on all devices.

In this article we will discuss a few reasons why choosing Selenium automated testing for your project is beneficial.

The open source advantage: A selenium testing tool is an open source software and this allows the users to share, modify and extend the code that is available. It helps the programmers to save a lot of time and effort and thereby increase the productivity and ultimately the ROI. They can also use customized functions for better manageability and readability of the codes.

Platform portability: Automated testing is a repetitive process and even a slight modification that is made in the code needs to be tested to ensure that the software is offering the desired functionalities and results. Performing repeated tests manually involves a lot of time and is of course a costly process. The Selenium automation testing tool is highly portable and it runs on multiple platforms and browsers. This allows the selenium testing companies with the ease to write codes without having to worry about the platform on which it has to run.

Remote control: The remote control feature of Selenium testing allows the testers to easily create and test the infrastructure that is widely spread across various locations, including the cloud so as to drive the scripts on a large set of browsers.

Multiple language support: An application may be written in various languages and this is a challenge that is faced by automated testers. They have to integrate the automation tools with the developing environment for CI. But with Selenium testing service bindings for Java,,Net, Perl, Python, Groovy, it is quite easy to integrate with the developing environment.

Flexibility: Software programmers usually prefer to keep the testing within the program itself. By using selenium software, the tests can be refactored or regrouped according to the needs. This allows quick changes to the codes and reduces duplication and also improves maintainability. This flexibility of Selenium helps the programmers to manage the tests efficiently.

Thus in simple words, it can be said that Selenium is gaining immense popularity and is becoming the first choice of automation testers of web applications for both GUI as well as functionality.

Source by Prince N