Software QA Testing Company

Onshore QA focuses on quality and helps to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Offshore software testing stresses on reducing cost of the project through employment of cheaper resources for the same. QA and Testing Outsource services allow companies to concentrate on core business, while getting benefitted from high quality professional Testing and Quality Assurance services at the same time. This also helps in controlling resource allocation, which saves up to 50% of the whole cost.

There are several Software QA testing company available in the market. It is really difficult to search for the right one. You can choose a company, which has already implemented Test Process Improvement (TPI) inside the organization. It evaluates present status of QA and testing process, as per 20 key dimensions.

What features make Software QA testing company a good choice?

• It should own a Testing Tools Development Center, which creates unique Testing Tools. It must work close to telecom and test equipment manufacturers providing software, OSS, monitoring tools and state-of-the-art test equipments.

• The company should provide Flexible Staffing solutions across the globe by appointing qualified testing personnel inside companies. These field experts help in augmenting present team of QA staffs. Appointment of such staff saves valuable money and time on recruitment process.

• Keyword Driven Testing approach helps in full alignment of test automation with the business process. It saves your time, as it combines the effort for test documentation and test automation in a single go.

Hence, you know what are the criteria of a good Software QA testing company! Its client base itself is a proof of authenticity. Visit and check the major clients like SIEMENS, IBM, POLYCOM, Orbotech, Cloverleaf,RADVISION, netex, SanDisk and DoCoMo

Source by John Elishkiya