A Glance at 5 Important Aspects of DevOps

DevOps can aptly be defined as a methodology, philosophy or an ideology. DevOps principle stands at narrowing the gap between the Development (Dev) and the Operations (Ops) teams. In other words it is a methodology that includes Dev and Ops coordination that leads to a streamlined flow of work to […]

How to Find the Best Software Testing Company

According to the statistics, the IT companies will be increasing their testing budget from 26% to 40% in upcoming years. This increase is because of the importance and necessity of delivering the best quality software in the market to bypass competitors and retaining customers’ loyalty. However, the job of finding […]

Agile Software Development Methodologies

Agile methodology has been a widely accepted methodology in contemporary software cultures. With its adaptive and highly productive results, it is a highly favored framework among software developers. In this article we are going to look at two of the most widely used agile methodologies, which are Extreme Programming (XP) […]

What is Agile ALM?

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the management of the software application lifecycle from initial development to final release. ALM encompasses all of the practices, processes and tools that aid in managing an application's lifecycle from both a business and development perspective. Key capabilities of an ALM platform include the ability […]

Agile Methodology In Testing

In today’s world of software development, the latest trend is focused towards achieve targets, customer satisfaction and excellent quality within a restricted time frame. The main reason behind this is that the business scenario in today’s time is quite different from the past and a large number of product development […]

6 Benefits of Agile Model in Software Development

Nowadays, software manufacturers are using agile models to make new software for the ultimate satisfaction of their clients. This is because agile models involve clients in every step of software manufacturing and changes are made at every stage according to their needs. A result is a software that satisfies the […]

Shifting Left With LeanFT With Agile and DevOps

Introduction A technical definition of Agility refers to a method of project management which is characterized by the division of tasks into short modules, reassessing it frequently and adapting to variations accordingly. Agile methods replace complex designs with repeated redesigns. One of the most challenging issues for software development is […]

Software Testing: How Important It Is

A flawed software application can have a huge impact on the developer’s revenue, credibility and reputation in the longer run. So before delivering the software to the client, each company needs to ensure that it is working flawlessly and meeting all requirements or specification of the client. There are many […]