Why Selenium and Qualitia?

When a testing team automates its testing process there are certain parameters that should be defined for calling it a success. We believe these parameters to be: Team involvement A testing team comprises subject matter experts, manual testers, and automation experts. This means all levels of experience, domain, and technical […]

Deep Accessibility and Usability Testing

It’s no secret the web is becoming a very complex place. Anyone who has ever managed their company’s efforts to create a web presence knows the choices can be dizzying. You have standard marketing issues, like identifying target audience. You have functional issues: Will this site be a tool to […]

Essence Of Waterfall Model

Introduction: SDLC is a process through which a product will get completed or a product get rid from any problem. Software development process is described as a number of phases, procedures and steps that gives the complete software. SDLC follows series of steps which is used for product progress. It […]

Myths of Scriptless Test Automation

Myth 1: Tool automation engineers are now no more required Truth 1: Being scriptless in no way suggests doing away with the automation tools. Scriptless works in collaboration with underlying automation tools like QTP, Functional Tester, Selenium and many others. Even though, the scriptless approach ensures manual testers and SMEs […]

Commercial Driver’s License CDL Manual

Have you ever thought of being a truck or bus driver? Well now you can, with CDL the educational software for training and testing commercial drivers. CDL Manual is an interactive CD that allows you study and test yourself on Truck/Bus driving and Forklift operation. This software is perfect for […]

Software Quality Assurance: Why Do You Require It?

With the fierce competition in the business sphere, it’s paramount to have strategic advantage. However, the task apparently seems to be big challenge since an enterprise often grapples with countless core & non-core business objectives. It has been observed that in order to meet the product release date, often testing […]