The Best Web Tools

The 21st century is undoubtedly the age of web tools. As information technology sweeps across the world, its applications, primarily web tools, become more and more popular. Web tools include in their gamut: • web development tools • web designing tools • open source developer tools • editing tools • […]

The Installation Procedure and Features of Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE, or Selenium Integrated Development Environment is a handy software testing tool, prepared by Apache Software Foundation. Pronounced as the one of the fastest and easiest testing frameworks, the Selenium Automation Framework does not require the users to possess a detailed knowledge of programming and technical aspects. However, some […]

Robotium Vs Appium

A number of reports have highlighted the rapidly growing popularity of mobile apps. With more and more enterprises launching mobile applications, the users now have option to choose from millions of apps available at various app stores. So it has become essential for businesses to attract, impress and engage users […]

The Need for Mobile Application Testing

In the current market of technology based applications and products, almost all the business services are compatible with mobile devices. Mobile applications are global entities now. They are everywhere – in E- Commerce, E-Bidding, E-learning, E-Reservations, E- banking, and social media. The usage of Mobile application is exploding across the […]


Introduction The main factor for successful Test Automation lies in the identification of the right automation tool for the Application Under Test (AUT). Out of the many available test automation tools in the market, it is highly important to choose the most suitable tool for the overall requirements. HP has […]