Software Quality Assurance – Why Not Outsource It?

Software quality assurance (or SQA, as some IT pros often acronymize it) refers to the process by which software defects present in newly developed software programs are identified and fixed. If you develop software or are in the process of custom software applications then it critical to address the quality […]

Onboarding Your New Software Testing Company

Bringing on a new QA partner is just like bringing on a new employee: in order for them to do their very best work, they need to know everything they can about the company, the product, the culture, and the existing workflow processes. Though partners that have been in the […]

The Preferred Solution – LeanFT or UFT?

Introduction: LeanFT, the new testing tool from HP, provides a set of tools that makes testing in Selenium easier. Along with LeanFT, HP provided an upgrade to UFT and HP BFT. The upgrades have been referred to as UFT 12.5 and BFT 12.5. UFT 12.5 is supposed to share the […]

Advantages of The Selenium Automation Testing Tool

Testing professionals use a variety of test automation testing tools to effectively test web applications. Automated testing has made the process much simpler and faster than manual testing. It has accelerated the testing process as well as improved efficiency. Selenium is the most powerful open source automation tool available at […]

How to Win a Software Testing Campaign the Sun Tzu Way

Usually, hundreds of happy path test scripts are created, each equally valued by the business users, without any consideration of their importance – little to no risk analysis or traditional negative or exploratory tests. We discover, during the test execution stage, that not all test scripts created are executed and […]

Predictive Analytics in Software Testing

In today’s world, there are a lot of companies which face sudden increase in costs, production delays and experiencing operational risks due to lack of Predictive Analytics in Testing. Predictive Analytics is a data driven technology which can be leveraged to predict failure points in testing and determine the future. […]

Software QA Testing Company

Onshore QA focuses on quality and helps to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Offshore software testing stresses on reducing cost of the project through employment of cheaper resources for the same. QA and Testing Outsource services allow companies to concentrate on core business, while getting benefitted from high quality […]

Details of Different Software Testing Training Courses

Any software should be tested for its overall performance, consistency, reliability, time taken for performing the desired function or a group of functions etc. Although the process is being referred in general as Software Testing, there are several testing methods some are as given below. Static VS Dynamic Testing The […]

How to Learn Software Testing?

Before learning the intricacies of Software testing, one needs to know what are the pre requisites to learn testing. It is very important to gain a momentum and know the computer terminologies for any layman such as what is a program, how does a software work, what is the life […]

Why LeanFT When UFT Is Still Functional?

Introduction: HP’s dominance in the field of functional testing has grown over the years. It has been launching new and powerful software testing tools consistently and successfully. This is done in order to remove the negative factors of the existing tools and overcome the eventual limitations caused by the advancement […]