Things To Consider For Mobile Apps Testing

If you are a freelance mobile developer or an individual who wants to develop and release his own applications then you would probably be doing a lot of testing over emulators and browsers etc. Testing is a very important phase of software development and you should take it very seriously. During the initial testing of the app over emulators everything might seem to function properly, which is a good thing, but an emulator only shows you how your application should work on a real device and you are never really sure how it would behave on the actual device.

Using browsers for testing the app is also a good technique but it also has some limitations. You cannot really test the touch screen functionality of the app and you also have to consider the CPU difference, memory usage and many more critical factors. The slight deviation of the application functioning on real device as compared to testing results could be a matter of real concern for you. Large organizations and businesses usually hire an offshore software development company to make sure that the application is properly developed and exhaustively tested for performance issues.

However, here are some aspects that you must consider before testing the application on the real device:

The Required Mobile Device: Deciding the type of device that you wish to test the app for is also a big questions. Let us take the example of iPhone which is the most popular range of smart-phones and devices. There are many devices and further there are hardware differences, multiple versions, operating system versions and other aspects associated with each device. The suggestion would be that you should opt for the latest hardware and firmware as these users generally upgrade their devices whenever new firmware is launched. This way your app will remain effective for a longer period.

What to do if You Can’t Afford the Real Device: These devices are usually very costly and especially when it comes to iPhone devices one has to think twice before buying it. However, most carriers offer these devices on a very low price if the user is ready to sign lengthy contracts. Still it is not worth buying it just for testing an app. The most sought after and cost-effective testing method would be to hire a professional mobile application development company offering proven mobile app testing services and let them do it for you.

Professional App Test Before Release: As you are just single person therefore you have a certain perspective shared by you only. Further, you can also miss out on some things. It is always better to get the app tested by others too. This does not means that you have to hire a professional app tester as you can take the help of your colleagues, friends and or other person who has proper knowledge. However, it would be better if you can afford a professional mobile apps tester.

The Network/Carrier Providers: The type of carrier does not really matters as app testers usually check the application performance at good, medium and poor signal strengths. As long as the testing includes network specific testing specifications you should not worry about the type of signal carrier.

Mobile apps development is a very costly process and you should be careful and thorough in the testing process so that you investment could provide proper returns. Mobile application development is also a complex process and unless and until you have total confidence in your skills, you should try to hire a mobile development company and get the app developed by experts.

Source by Vicky Rana