Why Opt for Automating the GUI Tests?

As known, no product is introduced to the market before it is properly tested. Users want to get quality products. Tough competition makes companies thoroughly test their products before they are offered to customers. This concerns everything, from children’s toys to cars. It goes without saying that computer software is also a valuable and popular digital product that requires testing as well. You have probably heard of game testers or masters who test video games and get paid for that. They do not just play but also express their viewpoints on how to improve the games. The same concerns applications. They must be tested before release in the market. This is where automation GUI testing comes into play.

GUI is abbreviation for graphical user interface. Most users do not have advanced PC and IT knowledge and thus they are unable to run program features by writing commands. They rather press buttons and the utility does what it is expected to do. This is the greatest advantage of graphic interface. These are buttons, scrollbars, textboxes, menus, windows and check windows. But why GUI needs to be tested? Well, nothing is perfect, especially products created by humans. Computer programs may contain errors. Just one missing graphic element may turn things upside down. Can you imagine situation in which you cannot find a button to close or hide a window or a menu?

GUI testing aims at checking out relevance, consistency, user-friendliness and functionality of graphic interface elements. GUI elements consistency means the same function and position in different states of a program. Functionality is about checking whether or not all GUI elements are properly functioning. For example, Exit or Cancel button should work in the same way in all menus and windows of a program. GUI relevance is about checking whether or not there are unnecessary commands and graphic elements.

Of course, GUI testing process takes much time and it is quite tiresome. Thus, automation is a far better option. Indeed, why spend days in front of PC checking software for mistakes if automation application will do the job for you? Such automation program will act like a real user and thus it will initiate real usage. Thus, you can feel confident that the automation software will tests everything, every little detail and usage case. Unlike human tester, the software will not miss anything.

The automation software can be compared to a building inspector who requires documentation for building object. The same concerns software that comes with a blueprint or a manual. As a rule, these manuals contain the most complete information on program’s features, as well as cases of usages and customer expectations. Automation program uses this information to make tests for consistency, functionality etc.

There is much debate over GUI automation. Some software developers do not use it thinking such applications are useless. However, keep in mind that every minor mistake may cause serious problems that will spoil reputation and business image of software developers. Thus, use of GUI test automation is a good thing to do.

Source by Sam Miller